Salt Lake City, UT - Cinnamon Toast Popcorn Popped Without Unhealthy Fats

Are you ready to try a new flavor of our delicious gourmet popcorn? It is one of our specialties. We have been creating unique flavors of popcorn using our special technique of air popping. Air-popped popcorn is beneficial to your health because it eliminates unneeded fats from oils and butter typically used in the popping process. Our new cinnamon toast popcorn continues this tradition. Our confection shop has perfected the art of air-popped popcorn and our other treats and sweets are rich and delicious as well. 

We have provided a photo of the final packaged product so you can see how our process brings you the most high quality gourmet popcorn snack elegantly packaged to showcase our niche snack. We supply many types of locations in the area and we even offer corporate gift baskets. The new cinnamon toast popcorn can be ordered as part of a gift set or just for a snack around the home or office. 

Cinnamon lovers will enjoy this delectable tasty treat. We are a confection shop in the region that produces custom snack flavors for our popcorns that are unique and follow a unique recipe and procedure. This way, we ensure every bag of our cinnamon toast flavored treats meet or exceed the expectations of a choosy customer. 

This product is made with real cinnamon and hints of vanilla. It may be simply too good to share, but your friends, family, co-workers or even random strangers would appreciate even a morsel of this sweet unique snack. When you want to please your significant other with a healthy alternative snack food that still satisfies their craving for what would normally be fulfilled with fatty or greasy foods, our popcorn is the answer. 

Get this product locally or, if you live far from the SLC area or others areas of Utah (including Ogden and Provo), you can order our cinnamon toast popcorn from our website. You can order any number of our other special gourmet popcorns, chocolates and caramels as well. Check out our wide variety and selection online. You can buy box sets, bags or tins of popcorn and gift baskets all from our website. Get the products directly from us or any one of our vending partners as well and don't forget to try this new wonderful flavor. 

-Written by Choosy Chocolates


Cierra Flythe