Salt Lake City, UT - Chocolate Sweets and Other Treats at Grand America Resorts

Our specially crafted delicious snacks are now available at another great location. The Grand America Resorts now carry our products. Specifically, they carry our caramels, popcorns and chocolate boxes and we are proud to deliver a great product to this reputable hotel and resort company in our local region. Their company was impressed with our commitment to excellent quality, rich taste and premium presentation of chocolate snacks, popcorns and other tasty packaged treats. 

The photo above pictures the local hotel and resort in which you can find one of many types of tasty treats from our confection shop. This hotel and resort brand is just as choosey as we are when it comes to selecting the right vendor, so the relationship is a perfect match. We have established ourselves in our premium product niche and we continue to grow our line of packaged snacks for various retail, lodging, health care and other types of companies that need a quality vendor. Our new supply line to this resort will introduce even more people to our wonderful line of snacks. 

All of our chocolate snack products are made with rich imported Belgian Callebaut chocolate, a flavor that will make your mouth water as you get that first little taste. We use that great chocolate to create and craft many of our great flavors including those at the resort. 

Our assorted flavors and products at this location include White Chocolate Almond Popcorn, Lemon CrĂ©me Popcorn, Loaded Caramel Zebra Popcorn, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Peanut Butter Patties and Chewy Gooey Caramels. Each one these delightful treats comes packaged in our custom bags and boxes and each popcorn variety is air popped, avoiding unhealthy butters or oils, but still drizzled with our imported chocolate. If you're going to be staying in the SLC area at the Grand America Resorts, then don't forget to ask about our chocolates and popcorns at the hotel. Once you try one of our premium chocolates or bags of popcorn, you will instantly become aware of how our treats and confections are like no others out there in the market. 

-Written by Choosy Chocolates       

Cierra Flythe