Salt Lake City - Our Contribution to Ngata Haloti Family Foundation

We feel strongly about certain local charities and organizations that really make a difference in the lives of people in our community. We were recently able to do that again with the Ngata Haloti Family Foundation. The foundation supports underprivileged children with extracurricular activities and classes. The program is particularly helpful for children struggling with SATs and who hope to attend college someday, maybe soon even. We are proud to take part in an event like this and make a charitable contribution to such a needed service in our area. 

Take a look at the faces in this photo. It was a great time with great people and we were all engaged in such a positive experience. This was an unforgettable moment for our company to say the least. 

The event included a dinner ceremony, entertainment and a chance to meet stars from the National Football League (NFL). The NFL stars were there to show their support for this great cause as well and they showed that they are true champions on and off the field. We were blessed to have their support. 

Our company was listed as a sliver sponsor, but in addition to our charitable contribution, we also provided the place settings gifts to each of the attendees. That included chocolate covered Oreos, caramel popcorn, peanut butter patties and chocolate covered fruit. The guests were very pleased with this welcome surprise. We were just happy to put smiles on the faces of so many. We keep doing what we love to do, which is make delicious confections, sweets, treats and snacks like our delicious and rich chocolates and caramels and our crunchy flavorful variety of air popped popcorns. 

We will continue to support events, groups and fundraisers such as this in our community to help those in our society who need it the most. We believe that the true test of a good company is by which its character stands and how it chooses to behave as a citizen in the communities it serves. For us, that includes the SLC, Ogden and Provo. The event was held in downtown Salt Lake City. 

We appreciate the time we got to take doing something that we love and supporting causes that matter in our community. 

-Written by Choosy Chocolates

Cierra Flythe