Salt Lake City, UT – Gourmet Popcorn Flavors at Western Nut in SLC

Our company is very proud to declare that we have struck an amazing deal with a distributor for some of our finest chocolate and gourmet popcorn flavors from our specialty brand. A company that sources and carries some of the highest quality nuts in the western region, Western Nut, also now carries four great gourmet flavors of our specialty popcorn products. Those include Raspberry Cheesecake, Caramel Zebra Crunch, Lemon Cream and White Almond Chocolate. Doesn’t that just sound delicious? Read more to learn about this new development and our custom flavors of snacks available at this location in the SLC area.

Just have a good look at the tins of popcorn shown in this photo. We package our great tasting gourmet popcorn in quality packaging and containers to make sure our customers feel special and get the best experience for their purchase. Add that to the amazing flavors and handcrafted process of air popping these snacks and you have an amazing experience to indulge in.

Did you know that our air popping process removes the prospect of using unhealthy fats for our popcorn? Stay as healthy as possible while eating these delicious snacks.

We also cover our popcorn in the finest of white Belgian chocolate, then glaze and/or finish them by hand at our facilities in the local region. We also take the time necessary to get rid of all the odds and ends and kernels that were not popped. Who needs those? We want every batch or our flavored popcorn products to be as pleasurable to our customers as possible, so we take that extra time.

These four flavors will put a huge smile on your face if you are consuming them yourself, but also consider getting them as gifts for co-workers, friends, business partners, clients or anyone you want to show appreciation or love to.

We have some of the best snacks out there. Try them for yourself by visiting Western Nut and picking up a batch. We are sure you will come back for more.

-Written by Choosy Chocolates

Cierra Flythe