Salt Lake City, UT - Limeade Flavored Popcorn for Wholesalers and Distributors

Our limeade flavored popcorn is an absolutely refreshing delight during summer months. Our flavors of popcorn are an excellent to your inventory of snack and sweet products. If you need more product for your warehouse for your customers needs during the summer, call us for an order of sweet refreshing limeade flavored popcorn. We also have a variety of other popcorns as well, professionally wrapped and packaged for distribution to any one of your clients. We produce limeade flavor at our confections kitchen and snack creation facility to perfection. These handcrafted citrus coated kernels are ready for custom orders directly from our facility. 

If you observe the photo in this post, you can examine the fine quality of our products. For wholesalers and distributors, our packaged popcorn bags are great on the shelves of retailers in your network. They are great additions to gift shops, convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, mall department stores, kiosks, hotels and many other kinds of businesses in the West and Southwest. Choose the choosiest when it comes to chocolate treats and unique flavors of popcorn snacks. Order our individually wrapped packages of sweet summer limeade popcorn treats and speak with our friendly staff to learn more about our other snack and gourmet sweets, produced with great attention to detail by our production team. 

All popcorns are made in small batches to ensure absolute quality and freshness. Simply sweet and delicious and with the flavor of fresh limes, this popcorn will make your long summer evenings perfect! It is made in small batches using air popped popcorn without the need for extra oils, a feature customers will love. 

Wholesale Distributors can arrange pickup and delivery scheduling or call for any specific product information. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about Limeade and other unique flavors of popcorn snacks. We understand that vendor relationships are trust-based and important for your supply chain. We promise to build a great relationship with you as your clients and their customers develop a great relationship with our products. Learn more about Limeade popcorn on our website and blog and call us to get started on your custom order today. 

-Written by Choosy Chocolates

Cierra Flythe