Salt Lake City, UT - Custom Corporate Gifts to Medical Care Clients

We recently created a specialty corporate gift basket order for a medical care provider in the area called Lincare Medical. They ordered a specialty gift basket from us, which was mouthwatering and made to order just for them. The order consisted of a delicious mix of lemon cream and Irish cream flavor specialty popcorn. They produced this order, customized with an inserted stamped Lincare business card. Gift baskets such as this show appreciation to customers and leave a lasting impact and impression, which is why our custom corporate gift baskets are all about!

As you can see from the above photo, the gift bag order involved popping a lot of delicious lemon cream and Irish cream flavored popcorn and wrapping them in beautiful bags from our shop. The air popped popcorn is hand glazed with a Belgian chocolate prior to packaging. Fresh treats like this can only come from a quality specialty chocolate and confection sweet shop like ours. We pay great attention to detail in all of our custom corporate gift baskets, like this one for this medical care provider. We are happy to continue to be able to provide customized and personalized service to businesses in the area.

We offer a variety of different configurations for our chocolate treats and other assortments. We have various packages available on our website, if you want more details, or you can call us to make a completely personalized order with special instructions. We have full gift sets, specialized popcorns, chocolate, creams, toffee and much more.

If you are looking to impress a client, patient, customer, group of people in a class or seminar, an investor or people in a business meeting or other setting, consider getting a high quality gift basket that can be customized or personalized to fit your needs. We can produce a variety of flavors of snacks and configure them in a way that will leave the message you want to suggest in your gift basket. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

-Written by Choosy Chocolates

Cierra Flythe