Salt Lake City - Our Lemon Cream Tart Popcorn: Experience a New Delicious Flavor

Satisfy your taste buds with our new flavor of gourmet popcorn. For years, Choosy Chocolates has been the place that chocolate lovers turn to for sweet treats. We've dedicated ourselves to providing the Utah and Colorado areas with tasty and original desserts and chocolates. Now we've developed a new flavor of popcorn that will delight even the sweetest tooth out there. Get ready to try our original Lemon Cream Tart Popcorn!

This new addition to our line of dessert snacks puts a fresh twist on conventional popcorn. By mixing tangy and sweet flavors together in our Lemon Cream Tart Popcorn, we've created a snack bursting with taste and flavor. Read more to learn about our commitment to pleasing our customers and the natural process we employ to ensure you the healthiest option without forfeiting the flavors you love.

The Most Natural Process

The most natural type of popcorn is the air-popped kind, which is why we at Choosy Chocolates air-pop our popcorn. We reduce the amount of fatty oils and unhealthy additives that plague most brands of popcorn and give you a delicious snack without the guilt and added calories. After we air-pop our kernels, we combine lemon cream essence and decadent white chocolate to create a rich mixture loaded with taste. We then hand mix the popcorn and lemony white chocolate to create the treat of a lifetime. Lastly we put our gourmet popcorn in airtight bags and tins by hand to ensure freshness and quality.

Choosy Chocolates’ Dedication to Deliciousness

Our number one goal at Choosy Chocolates is to make our customers happy. That is why we dedicate ourselves to providing the tastiest treats and the best customer service that we can. Our governing values are honesty, agency, and unity. Honesty to our customers about our products and process, agency to create flavors that other dessert chefs could never imagine, and unity amongst our staff and patrons to make an easy and pleasurable experience every time you purchase one of our creations. Visit our website and order our Lemon Tart Cream Popcorn or one of our other delicious dessert snacks and receive a free gift and personalized card.

-Written by Choosy Chocolates

Cierra Flythe