Chocolate and Confection Shop has New Lemon Cream Tart Popcorn

Our chocolate and confection business is home to a variety of delectable treats and desserts. From truffles, to chocolates and creams, our chocolates and dessert popcorns have delighted customers in areas of Utah and Colorado for years. Because of our dedication to our customers, we are constantly thinking up new creations to add to our decadent line of confections. Our chocolates come in gift sets or smothered on top of our air popped popcorn for you to enjoy. Now we have a unique and delicious tasting popcorn which creates an amazing gastronomic experience! Our new Lemon Cream Tart Popcorn takes your taste buds on a ride with its salty, sweet and tart flavors. Read more about why we're the best chocolatory in the business and our healthy process that brings you all the flavor and taste you want without the guilt.


Try Our Lemon Cream Tart Popcorn

We know how hard it is to stay healthy, so we do our best to take the guilt out of sweet and tasty treats. We hand make our desserts to ensure quality and taste. We also employ a strict and natural process to ensure a fresh and healthy product. First our popcorn kernels are air popped without the need for any unhealthy oils or additives. Then, lemon cream essence is mixed with luxurious melted white chocolate before being carefully mixed into the popcorn by hand. At our facility, the popcorn is allowed to cool before being placed into bags or tins and sealed again by hand. The popcorn really does taste of a lemon cream tart, just like Grandma used to make. Our fruity twist on the classic snack makes a delicious treat for lemon lovers and sweet tooth's alike.   


Our Commitment to You

At our special company, our first priority is to make you happy, which is why we are so dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our Lemon Cream Tart Popcorn is a testament to just how much our customers mean to us. We create flavors that we know will please and satisfy. To further demonstrate our commitment, get a free gift and personalized card with any purchase.


-Written by Choosy Chocolates

Cierra Flythe