Get White Chocolate and Almond Flavor Popcorn Snacks in St George, Ogden, Provo

Are you a closet chocoholic? Do you fantasize of chocolate? What about gooey white chocolate? Imagine that combined with air popped popcorn kernels? What if that meant that the harmful fats from typical popcorn making is not present in the white chocolate and almond flavor popcorn product? What if you could actually get something like this in St. George, Ogden or Provo? It’s a lot of questions, we know. We want you to know that you can get such a delicious snack in any one of those communities from a wonderful place called Choosy Chocolates.

The finest white chocolate

We provide the finest white chocolate for our best selling variety of snacks in the area. We are specialists in the creation of chocolate batches that are rich and fine in quality and substance. Their texture is amazing and techniques are what make us a leader in the confection business. Discover what our premium white chocolate and almond flavors can do for your hunger and chocolate passion.

The popcorn infused with two great flavors

Our world-class popcorn snacks are not only popular, they are sensational. The kernels are popped with air, rather than the unhealthy fats that are attributed to health risks and that most popcorn products are made with. Ours is of different stock entirely. We take care and pay attention to the finer and more important details of our batches. They come in three sizes. You can get a five ounce bag or you can get the two different sizes of tins. The regular tin is 1 lb. and the large is 3 lbs. The almond coated kernels are infused with the white chocolate and drizzled with milk chocolate and packaged for your personal consumption. Well, you can share, too… if you want.

-Written by Choosy Chocolates

Cierra Flythe