Indulge in a Tantalizing Origami Gift Set this Valentine's Day- Salt Lake City, UT

Product: origami chocolate gift sets

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Client: Choosy Chocolates


Valentine’s Day is all about the appreciation of the people most important to us. This holiday holds the power to make impactful memories, and set the standard for the rest of the year. Many people find themselves wondering what to purchase to show their loved ones the extent of their feelings and gratitude. This is where the professional chocolatiers at Choosy Chocolates come in! This time of year we gather our favorite delicacies to satisfy the sweet tooth, and place it into a custom package that entices visually just as much. Come into our shop today and we will show you the unique power of an all-around attractive dessert gift set!

Most gift sets offer one or two types of treats, while the Origami Gift Sets are full of delightful pleasures. These items include the following:

  •   Caramel Selection Box
  •   Truffle Temptation Box
  •   Creams Variety Box
  •   Caramel Pretzel Box
  •   English Toffee
  •  Spicy Peanut Brittle

With the variety of chocolate included in this gift set, there is something to choose from for all flavor profiles. We want every customer to enjoy the time and craftsmanship that goes into our chocolate creations. For any occasion or person, we will find a treat to enjoy!

Choosy Chocolates is a company that prides itself on the creation of premium chocolate conceptions made with the finest chocolate Belgium has to offer. In addition, we have completely revamped our kitchens with the latest in confectionary equipment. Every bite made will be filled with the tantalizing tastes of our finest designs, and each package will be specially curated. We are located in Salt Lake City, UT, and we service the surrounding areas of Provo, Ogden, West Valley City, and St. George. Come into our shop today and we will allow you to sample you first taste of your newest craving!

Do you want to know more about the delicious treats offered in the Origami Gift Set? Would you like to know about other gift sets available for this romantic holiday? Contact us today! We would love to have your opinion on our newest creations!

Cierra Flythe