The Valentine's Day Box of Chocolates - A Short History

Beginnings in the Americas

We all know that chocolate was originally consumed in the ancient civilizations of the Americas - possibly because THIS WAS THE ONLY PLACE IT WAS FOUND NATURALLY. The Aztec and the Mayans were particularly fond of the cold frothy drink that they produced from Cocao beans. This drink was referred to as the 'food of the Gods' and was said to inspire health, energy, fertility and act as an aphrodisiac - see where I am going here?


Taken Back to the Old World

Christopher Columbus partook of the drink whilst on his travels. He was so taken by the drink that he took it back to the Old World and presented it to the Queen of Spain. It soon became very popular amongst the ruling classes across Europe where its perception as an aphrodisiac continued.


Modern Day

Chocolate is seen to have various health benefits including longevity, energy production and the release of endorphins (that stuff that makes you feel good) - all possibly adding to feelings of love and connectivity with your partner. So feel free to take part in the wonderful tradition of chocolate giving on Valentine's Day and how it has evolved throughout the ages - from frothy bitter drink to the delicious treats we have today!

Joshua Brownlow